Who am I?

I’m Sammie, mid 30s and I live in the lovely UK county of Worcestershire on the River Severn.  I have been married to my very talented photographer husband since 2012 and we have just been joined by our new arrival Poppy in August 2016.  We also have a giant black cat that resembles a panther.

I am a business owner, a fat girl on a journey to thin-ness, chocoholic, foodaholic (see where the problem of being thin comes in!), mostly positive person, fox lover, rubbish housewife and totally in love with the mini human that has turned my world even more upside down.

Yes my world really is organised chaos.  I run a business but I leave my tax returns until the last day usually.  I have a new baby and yet my diary is in my head. I love the feeling of a tidy house but we have so much stuff in it that we just move piles of things from one corner to another and that’s considered tidying up. I can’t remember the last time I ironed.

As a new mum, that’s trying to balance mummy duties, wife duties, keeping a house vaguely presentable, whilst keeping on track with Slimming World AND trying to work from home as well …. hopefully you will be able to read about my experiences and maybe laugh with me asI try not to take anything in life too seriously.

get in touch with me if you like what you read, I love to hear your comments or similar experiences!

Sammie x