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Slimming World , 1 Stone Down

12 weeks ago I set foot inside the door of my latest Slimming World group for the first time.  I say ‘latest’ group as I think I have been a member about 6 times before. And yet when I joined I was at my heaviest I have ever been, so clearly it’s not a journey that’s ever really worked for me before.  Ok so I had just had a baby 5 weeks earlier but it wasn’t actually baby weight that I was looking to lose.  I already lost that in the 5 weeks following Poppy’s arrival.  I was actually looking to lose the 5 stone that I had put on before pregnancy.

This group that I am a member of now is the nicest group that I have joined, and I love staying to the meetings.  I never enjoyed those before and believe that this is a great way to stay motivated.  So this time I’m convinced it will be the time that works.  I am able to take Poppy with me, we have a little mother’s corner at the meeting where a few of us have babies and all sit together and breastfeed our babies, luckily everyone is totally fine with it and they all love seeing them each week.

I have found the plan easy to stick to most of the time but my downfall is organisation and with the chaos that has come with a mini human, this is even harder.  Sometimes all I have managed is to make some toast for lunch, particularly when she has been non stop feeding and I have hardly made it off the sofa for hours.  So my weight loss has been very slow.  it’s taken 12 weeks to finally get my 1 stone award yesterday but they say that slow and steady wins the race so I’m happy it’s at least going in the right direction.

It’s now 4 days before Christmas so I am actually having the week off this week 😉

Here’s some of the meals I have been eating:



Is anyone else on slimming world?  If so then tell me about your journeys so far!

Watch this space for more …

Sammie x


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