Challenge 2017

#challenge17 – 17 Personal Challenges For 2017

Happy New Year everyone!

So each December, people start thinking about their new year’s resolutions. I always struggle with this one and end up making the same kind of thing which is to stop biting my nails and lose weight. Guess what, I’m at my heaviest and I still have short stubby nails!

So a change is in order …

This year I want to get more organised, learn new things and be healthier.  But those are such vague resolutions as they have no real goal attached to them.  So I decided that I would do 17 things in 2017. Some of them a bigger than others, some of them I can accomplish in just one day but they are things that will overall improve my lifestyle and hopefully leave me with a great sense of accomplishment at the end of 2017.

So these are my 17 challenges for 2017 …

Hoping by writing them publicly I’ll actually do them haha! 3 of them I already know will be very hard but even if I try and don’t quite do it, it’s better than sitting around doing nothing all year

  1. Learn a language
  2. Join a baby activity class
  3. Read 10 books
  4. Have a ‘no spend’ month – only spending on essentials
  5. Study something online
  6. Explore somewhere locally that we have never been
  7. Try a new slimming world recipe once a month
  8. Photo a day challenge on instagram
  9. Change all my beauty products to brands not tested on animals
  10. Walk 1000 miles
  11. Swim 1000 lengths
  12. Make something crafty
  13. Double my savings
  14. Declutter and get rid of things that have no purpose
  15. Have a family day out once a month
  16. Worcestershire Christmas Gift Project for a second year
  17. Book an ‘experience’ day for me and Mac – baby free! 

Throughout the year i’ll be writing about them as I go on the journey to completing, or once I have done them.

Wish me luck!

What are the things you are going to accomplish in 2017?  If you want to try the challenge17 then let me know what you’ve chosen!

Sammie x


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